Blue Alert offers both the highest quality equipment and the the most affordable pricing in the area.
There are no hidden costs, fees, deposits or long term contracts.

Our medical alarms are only $24.95 monthly for a 3 month plan or $29.95 for a month to month plan.
You may cancel anytime with 30 days notice and any unused payments for our service will be refunded.

We also guarantee that the monthly price you start at will never increase as long as you use our service.

Our Fall Detection Sensors with Activity Monitoring are only $44.95 monthly for a 3 month plan or $49.95 for a month to month plan.
The same cancellation and refund policy applies with 30 days notice.

We also offer Blue Alert lockboxes at $5.00 monthly.
There is a one-time activation fee of $39.00.

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