Will I be locked into a long term contract?
No, we don't have a long term contract. There is a monitoring agreement that outlines what type of service we will provide. You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice. We request an initial commitment of 3 months.(Cancellation with 30 days notice still applies)

What happens if I lose power or the plug gets knocked out of the outlet?
The Blue Alert Medical Alarm continually monitors the status of power to the unit and features a back-up battery that will operate your system for eighteen hours.If the power is lost,the unit will announce a warning message and report the power failure to our monitoring center.

Must I install a new telephone jack?
No. Your phone simply plugs into our Blue Alert Home Unit, which is plugged into your existing phone jack. Your phone will function as it did before.

What happens if I accidentally set off the alarm?
Simply tell the operator from the monitoring center that you accidentally pressed the button. They will then disconnect and no further action will be taken. We are there 24 hours a day and happy to assist you.

Can I take the medical alarm with us if we move?
Yes. Simply notify us prior to moving so that we can update your file with the new address and telephone number.

Will the medical alarm work outside?
Yes. If you should have a problem outside your house, anywhere within 250 ft from the Blue Alert Home Unit, the system will still work. However, we are not going to be able to speak with you because you are outside, but we will know you are in trouble and we will dispatch emergency help to your house. PLEASE NOTE: If you live in an apartment or condo, the range changes because apartment construction normally blocks the signal from outside. For example, in some large apartment buildings the system will work only inside the home. Yet in other apartments, condo's , and townhomes it can work just like in a single family home. When we install the medical alarm, we will gladly test your range so you know your coverage area.

Can I answer the phone using the Blue Alert Medical Alarm?
Yes, the Blue Alert Home Unit will function as a two-way speaker phone by simply pressing the Help button on the pendant when the phone rings.There is a 30 minute time limit on each call.

How will Emergency Personnel gain access to my home if the door is locked?
There are two ways: Either a friend , relative or neighbor listed on the contact form would respond with a key or Blue Alert can provide you with a key lockbox in which to place a key to your door. The key lockbox is a secure box which easily attaches to your home. Local emergency personnel are given the combination to the key lockbox so they can quickly get a key to your home in the event of an emergency. The key lockbox can also be used so that family members or friends can readily get a key to your home when necessary.

Are medical alarms covered by Medicare, Medicaid or insurance?
No. If you have a claim or a prescription for a medical alarm, payment must be arranged between the two of you. Payment is usually made to you on a reimbursement type basis.

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